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Guangzhou YMCA held a Mid-Summer Charity Concert


The heavy rain at the night of July 5th could not reduce the enthusiasm of almost 1600 Guangzhou citizens. Everyone arrived at the Xinghai Concert Hall for the YMCA Mid-Summer Charity Concert, to share their love and connect with others.
At 8 o'clock, all the audiences started their two-hour journey of wonderful music and devoted themselves into the love ocean leading and accompanying by the hostess Regina Lam who wears a smile on her face.
The concert was composed of two chapters––Life·Equality and Life·Miracle. YMCA had invited Oxford Gargoyles from the University of Oxford, national first-class performer and famous singer Liu Donghong,12-year-old piano prince Liao Tianju, famous soprano Hujing, famous pianist Zeng Huijun,Zhujiang Symphony Orcheatra and Ensemble and ten lovely angels from GZ dream-chasing angel art troupe to perform for us, sharing their stories with music by their beautiful voices and the stunning sound of the musical instruments.
All the audiences were deeply touched by the equality of lives and the miracle of lives. Especially when the Amazing Grace was on, love had embraced the whole musical hall. "The concert is simple but powerful enough to touch people's souls." an audience commented.
It is not only a fundraising concert but also a big party for life education and love. At that night, about 230 service target people from the family with financial difficulties and the family facing special problems were invited to the concert. It was the first time for most of them to get into the concert hall to share the splendid music with about 1300 people from all sectors of society.
The Mid-Summer Charity Concert was held by Guangzhou YMCA, and raised a fund in total of 128164 yuan especially for supporting the challenged children.
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