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2019 YMCA/YWCA Board Meeting and General Secretary Assembly Convened in Shanghai

    The Third Plenary Meeting of the Second Board of YMCAs/YWCAs of China, the First General Secretary Assembly 2019 and the First Study Session 2019 for Board members and general secretaries were held from January 4 to 5 in Shanghai. Leaders from United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, relevant leaders from the United Front Work Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, and leaders from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Ethnic and Religious Affairs were invited to attend the meeting for guidance.

    The top priority for National Council in 2019 is study-oriented and study is deemed the key strategy in China YMCA movement. The First Study Session for Board members and general secretaries was chaired by Vice President of China YWCA, Ms. He Xiaoqing. In particular, Jiang Bin, Director of Policy and Law Department  of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Ethnic and Religious affairs, was invited to give a counseling report on the newly revised regulations on religious affairs to board members and general secretaries so that they could have a deeper understanding of the religious affairs regulation. The orientation at the beginning of 2019 will certainly have a positive impact on our work.
    Vice President Hao Zhiqiang of National Council of YMCAs of China presided over the Board Meeting. Board members listened to and reviewed 2018 Work Report, 2019 Work Plan of National Council and 2019 International Exchange Work Plan.
    National General Secretary of China YMCA, Wu Jiangrong and National General Secretary of China YWCA, Zhao Jingwen presided over the General Secretary Assembly respectively. Through analyzing the implementation and challenges of the 2018 Y innovative projects, the Secretary Department put forward new requirements for general secretaries from local YMCAs and YWCAs. 2018 Work Summary of the National Council and 2019 Work Plan, as well as the requirements of international exchange for National council in 2019, will urge local YMCAs and YWCAs to respond to challenges and strive for new achievements in the new era.
    In 2019 under the leadership of the board, supported by local YMCAs and YWCAs, the national council will carry on our responsibility, take the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC as an opportunity, adhere to the strategy of reform, opening up, innovation and development, give priority to group development in the new era so as to integrate better into communities and fulfill our mission to serve the society and benefit the people.
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