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Working together to promote the Development of YMCA in Friendship and consensus-Delegates from China YMCA visit YMCA of the USA


 From 21 to 28 April 2019, Led by President Xu Xiaohong, five members of China YMCA delegation were invited to visit  YMCA of the USA, Chicago YMCA and Seattle YMCA. This is the first time that National Council of YMCAs of China has arranged a high-level delegation to visit overseas YMCA since its National Convention in 2017. Ma Zhaozhen, Deputy General Secretary of Shanghai YMCA, Liu Dechang, President and General Secretary of Nanjing YMCA, Sun Xiaobing, Deputy General Secretary of Wuhan YMCA, Wu Jianrong , General Secretary of National Council, and Shao Hui, volunteer of National Council, participated in the exchange visit.


 The purpose of this exchange and visit is to increase friendship and consensus, and to focus on diversification and inclusive development strategies of YMCA movement, media advocacy strategies, strategy formulation etc. China YMCA delegates had a deep discussion with counterparts of YMCA of the USA, Chicago YMCA and Seattle YMCA. 
YMCA of the USA arranged a detailed reception plan to brief the visiting delegation of the China YMCA on the basic situation of the YMCA in the United States. Both sides had a good exchange and discussion in the areas of diversification and inclusiveness as well as marketing strategies.


Visit YMCA of the USA


 While sharing with the Chicago YMCA, delegates learned about the ups and downs of the Chicago YMCA over the past decade and its professional exploration in child and youth services.  As a metropolitan social service organization, Chicago YMCA  has made good use of various resources and has very successful experience in the exploration and practice of community service center planning and the service projects that lead young people to participate. 


Visit Chicago YMCA

 During the exchange, the delegation learned about the diversity and inclusiveness in the development of the global YMCA movement, and the key role of media promotion in the brand construction and image reconstruction of YMCA, and realized that basing on the community is the source of the unremitting development of YMCA movement.

Visit Seattle YMCA

While sharing with US counterparts, the delegation of the China YMCA actively publicized the development of Chinese society and China YMCA movement, so that more people heard the story of China and aroused a lot of resonance. It highlights that the YMCA movement can convey the national development strategy and the goodwill of the people in public diplomacy. It also enable China YMCA delegates to see that professional development is the driving force for the development of YMCA movement, and the direction of our efforts is to promote advocacy and be the pioneers of social development. 

The National Council of YMCAs of China will work with city YMCAs to promote the professional development of the YMCA Movement in China.
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