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Together We Shall Beat COVID-19 with Great Love---China YMCA & YWCA Have Been Taking Action!


In the context of globalization, the spread of COVID-19 has aroused people’s awareness of the importance of cooperation, sharing and action. What China YMCA and YWCA have been doing and advocating during this outbreak is both professional and responsible. Taking love as a starting point, we care about those around us, as well as those who are physically apart from us, such as those in Africa and Europe. We cooperate with the government, churches and other social groups to offer prompt support to those in need.
We have mobilized our members and partners to collect medical materials and deliver them to the frontline. We also boost care for front line medical workers and their families, and have sent our gratitude to more than 1,000 medical workers' families.
Taking advantage of the platform for the international community, we tell the story of courage and responsibility every China YMCA and YWCA staff shows and inform the world what is happening every day. China YMCA and YWCA are never absent when faced with the fight against COVID-19.
Our actions and reflections have been recognized by the bigger YMCA family at successive web meetings held by WAY and APAY. Secretary-General of WHO, Mr. Tedros, stressed the importance of solidarity and cooperation in his recent speech, which greatly inspired us. Hopefully this will be our motivation to get going again. We will make new contributions to the fight against COVID-19 in China and around the world.
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