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The 8th China-Japan-Korea YMCA Peace Forum (Online) Completed Successfully

On the afternoon of March 6, 2021, the 8th China-Japan-Korea YMCA Peace Forum was held online with more than 60 senior and young participants from China, Japan and South Korea.
A total of 23 seniors and youth from China attended this online forum, including Vice President HAO Zhiqiang and General Secretary WU Jianrong from NCY China, as well as GSs, deputy GSs and youth representatives from nine local YMCAs.
NCY China attached great importance to this Peace Forum (online), and held a pre-forum training (online) on the morning of March 6. NCY China urged participants to display the positive image of China YMCA on the non-governmental exchange platform as well as to tell good Chinese stories.
The theme of this Peace Forum is: We are connected. The forum aims to learn the current situation under COVID-19 of each country, especially about the peace agenda related to COVID-19 which we confront and seek solutions, to enhance cooperation among the YMCAs, senior staff and the youth of the three countries, and gain a new insight into the road to peace through cooperation in the global context.
Opening Worship by Hiroo Sekita, pastor of the United Church of Christ in Japan
At present, China, Japan and South Korea are facing the common task of fighting poverty, discrimination and economic conflicts. COVID-19 has exacerbated these social problems. Young people should take advantage of the Peace Forum to get acquainted with people from different backgrounds, learn from each other, and use this experience as a valuable asset for their personal growth. Such valuable learning experiences will help create a better world together.
Message from Mr. Nam Boo-won, General Secretary of Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs
Nam Boo Won, General Secretary of the APAY, addressed at the forum that we are more closely connected despite social distancing. The YMCA community needs to contribute to the building of an interconnected global village as well as a peaceful world. It has been 17 years since the first China-Japan-Korea YMCA Peace Forum was held. Against the current social context, we need to redefine the concept and significance of "peace", earnestly discuss the common challenges facing Northeast Asia, recognize the importance of peace and join hands to build peace.
Welcome Address from General Secretary WU Jianrong
GSs from the National Council of YMCAs of China, Japan and South Korea delivered the welcome addresses in their respective languages. WU Jianrong, General Secretary of NCY China, said COVID-19 has brought great suffering and challenges to human society, but we are lucky. In the fight against the virus, the people of our three countries love each other and stand in solidarity with each other. It is love that gives us the strength to face all difficulty. We hope we can create a new path for our society and our cooperation with joint efforts, so that we will have greater capacity to innovate and create a community with a shared future for mankind, and welcome the new spring together.
Then YMCAs of the three countries presented their respective national reports.
General Secretary WU Jianrong introduced that China YMCA are closely connected with the community to fight against the virus and convey love and affection to the society. Despite the isolation caused by COVID-19, China YMCA and overseas Ys are closely connected, supporting each other, overcoming difficulties together and passing on love and affection to each other.
In the midst of COVID-19, China YMCA played an active role as a bridge for non-governmental exchanges, promoting peace and friendship, increasing mutual understanding. General Secretary WU Jianrong introduced in detail the overseas exchange programs carried out by NCY China and local Ys, as well as the “three safety” initiative in the post-COVID period, respectively, "Safe Civic Education", "Safe Community Service" and "Safe Living Guidance".
Session 2 was divided into senior group and youth group. Discussion was carried out on three national reports.
Group discussion of senior representatives from China YMCA
Deputy GS of Wuhan YMCA SUN Xiaobing reported at the forum on behalf of China YMCA
Deputy GS of Wuhan YMCA SUN Xiaobing reported on behalf of NCY China on the discussion of national reports: "The YMCAs of the three countries have all taken an active part in fighting against COVID-19, and established the prestige in the sense of responsibility in their own countries and communities, and carried out programs for the purpose of building a peaceful world. In particular, Japan YMCA’s donation to overseas students has sown the seeds of peace in these young people's hearts. We believe that we can defeat the virus in the future. That requires us to stand in solidarity and support each other."
A photo of youth representatives
The youth group from the three countries discussed on the topic of “Impact of COVID-19 on our life”.
Closing Prayer by Vice President HAO Zhiqiang
HAO Zhiqiang, Vice President of NCY China, encouraged all in his closing prayer that in the face of critical changes in the world, the YMCA community should maintain information exchange and establish normalized emergency response. We need to go through thick and thin hand in hand! 
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