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China YMCA Staff and Volunteers Participate in APAY Green Ambassadors Training (Online)

On March 17, 2021, 11 staff and volunteers from NCY China, Tianjin YMCA, Shanghai YMCA, Nanjing YMCA, Xi 'an YMCA, Hangzhou YMCA, and Xiamen YMCA were invited to participate in APAY Green Ambassadors Training (Online).
One of the priorities of the Quadrennial Program Plan (QPP)2020-2023 of APAY is to take actions on ecological protection and climate change. The Green Ambassadors Training (Online) is aimed at promoting national and regional movements in Asia and the Pacific Region to pay more attention to ecology and environmental protection, to identify potential and practical ways as green ambassadors to contribute a low carbon lifestyle in a post COVID-19 society. Since 2012, APAY has successfully held 9 Green Ambassadors Trainings.
The theme of this online training is Green Ambassadors in a Post-COVID Society, which focuses on clarifying individual and organizational responsibilities to strengthen network and green movement towards a carbon neutral YMCA by 2030. . The training includes: Panel Presentation, Case Study, Group Discussion, Green Action Design, and Design Presentation.
More than 80 delegates from 11 countries and regions participated in this online training. They learned about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on climate change and carbon emission calculation, shared YMCA practices on environmental protection, and formulated YMCA Green Action Plans.
In the Panel Presentation Session, Ms. Yoo Mi-Ho, Executive Director of Christian Environmental Education Center, addressed on Low Carbon Lifestyle in a Post COVID-19 Society.Dr. Tanawan Sintunawa, President of Association for the Development of Environment (Thailand) addressed on Change Mobilization of Resources Utilization. Morotuwa YMCA from Sri Lanka shared their practice on a Carbon Neutral YMCA.
Combining theoretical knowledge with best environmental practices, participants shared their individual reflections in breakout groups, formulated green action plans, and presented their designs. The action plan Lower Carbon in Our Workplace, Better World in the Future presented by China YMCAwon the applause of the participants. China Y staff analyzed the impact on carbon emissions from five aspects, ie, paper, electricity, travel, waste, package and delivery, and put forward future goals and steps to be achieved. They pointed out that they would calculate the amount of paper, electricity and gasoline consumption per year per person in every YMCA in China, set emission reduction targets, make evaluations and adjustments the next year. To reduce carbon footprint, actions are taken from each individual, from NCY China and 10 local YMCAs.
China YMCA staff and volunteers have got some understanding of carbon neutral, carbon footprint calculation and other environmental protection concepts through the training, and become more aware that clear water and green mountains are invaluable assets. As YMCA staff in the younger generation, they are committed to shouldering more social responsibility to better serve the social development through YMCA programs, keep pace with the society and the times.


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