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China Y Brings Joy and Warmth to Taxi Drivers

With donations raised from 99 Giving Day (the most popular annual charity festival in China jointly initiated by Tencent Charity Foundation and thousands of other charity organizations, enterprises, celebrities and media from September 7 to 9 every year), National Council of YMCAs/YWCAs of China launched our new round of services—Bring Joy and Warmth to Taxi Drivers.


As an important link in the city's transportation system, taxies transport passengers from north to south every day. Taxi drivers become an important business card of Shanghai and play an indispensable role in our daily life.The high workload and unstable income make them especially vulnerable to physical illnesses and psychological burdens, but the general public lacks concern and care for them.


Through our Bring Joy and Warmth to Taxi Drivers project, China Y hopes that continuous care for the health of taxi drivers will make them feel cared for and respected by the society, so that they will become transmitters of beauty and love, and spread more love to other people, creating an atmosphere of love in our society.


On October 28th 2021, China Y started this monthly project—-delivering gift packages to taxi drivers every month for consecutively 4 months. Each time, a group of four Y staff went to the Driver’s Cafeteria and distributed gift packages to taxi drivers during their lunch time.Our gift packages included different daily necessities, from alcohol disinfecting cotton pads, hand sanitizer, facial masks, towels, to nasal sprays for refreshment.


China Y’s activity won the appreciation from taxi drivers and received positive feedbacks. One of them said, "We don't have time to wash our hands and disinfect in the car, thus the items you sent are very useful. Besides, it could be convenient for our passengers to use as well. ” Those valuable experiences also enlightened our staff to better understand the Bible verse “be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.”


As a social service organization with a long history, China Y’s mission is to serve the society and benefit people. We are always on the road to help the people in need and better our communities and world. 








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